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In today's world, information is a strategic resource, one of the main resources of economically developed state. The rapid improvement of informatization in Russia, its penetration into all spheres of vital interests aroused besides obvious advantages and the emergence of a number of significant problems. One of them was the need to protect information. Currently, the economic potential is increasingly determined by the level of development of information structure, and increases in proportion to the potential vulnerability of the economy from the impact of information.

With the development of electronic payment technologies, paperless workflow failure of local networks could paralyze the work of corporations and banks, which leads to tangible material losses. It is no accident data protection in computer networks has become one of the most pressing problems of today.

Under the threat of information security refers to an event or action that may lead to distortion, unauthorized use, or even to the destruction of the information resources of the control system, as well as software and hardware.

Man trying to disrupt information systems or to gain unauthorized access to information, commonly referred to as a hacker (computer pirates).

In their illegal actions aimed at mastering the secrets of strangers, cracks tend to find such sources

confidential information, which would give them the most accurate information to the maximum volume with minimal costs to receive it. With the help of different types of tricks and a variety of techniques and tools are chosen path and approaches to such sources - material objects possessing certain information of specific interest to hackers or competitors.

If the value of the information is lost during storage and / or distribution, then realized the threat of violation of privacy. If the information is changed or destroyed with the loss of its values, the threat to the integrity of information is realized. If the information does not arrive in time to a valid user, then its value is reduced and eventually completely canceled, thus realized the threat or use of expediting the availability of information.

An attacker can read confidential information, modify it or even destroy, and to limit or block access to legitimate user information. An attacker can be both an employee and a third party. But apart from this, the value of information can be reduced in view of the random, unintentional human error and natural disasters.

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